Live Scan Fingerprinting

If you are in need of having your fingerprints done electronically, Red Dot Arms can assist you with our new Live Scan Electronic Fingerprint machine.  Visit Red Dot Arms to get your fingerprints done for your Illinois Concealed Carry License.  From now through the end of January, no appointment is necessary.  Please read ALL the information on this page in order to expedite the process once you are at Red Dot Arms.

Live Scan Fingerprinting Price
Fingerprint + Photo - Sent electronic to the Illinois State Police (CCL Red Dot Arms Students) $50.00
Fingerprint + Photo - Sent electronic to the Illinois State Police $60.00

Live Scan Consent Form

The Live Scan Fingerprint Consent PDF Form is printable. Please open the form, fill out the Live Scan PDF Form, and print!

Live Scan Fingerprinting Instructions

Before visiting Red Dot Arms, please print and complete the Live Scan Fingerprint Consent Form. You must bring the form and your driver's license with you. At Red Dot Arms, we will verify your consent form, take a photo, and prepare the form for submission to the Illinois State Police. We will not be able to take your fingerprints if you do not have your driver's license. 


Open the Printable Live Scan Fingerprint Consent Form.


Print the Live Scan Fingerprint Consent Form .


Fill out the form and bring it with you when visiting Red Dot Arms.


Call Red Dot Arms to verify that there is a Live Scan Fingerprinting staff member on duty that day. Call (847) 603-1548.

Your driver's license is required.

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Although fingerprints are not necessary for the Illinois Concealed Carry License, the Illinois State Police have indicated that they could delay the process as far out as 120 days for the applications that do not have fingerprints!

Mon - Wed:  9am - 5pm
Thu - Fri:      9am - 5pm
Saturday:      9am - 4pm
Sunday:       10am - 1pm

Note: We do not take fingerprints in the last hour of the day.