If you are an Illinois resident interested in owning a firearm, you will need a FOID Card and Red Dot Arms can assist you in completing the proper form. We charge a small fee for this service.

FOID Application Processing Price
Application Processing with Photo $10.00
Illinois State Police Fee (plus processing)  $11.00

FOID Application

FOID Application Instructions

When visiting our Retail Store, please bring your Driver's License or State ID to complete the form. You will also need a Credit Card to pay the Illinois State Police Fee. At our Retail Store, we will verify your application form, take a photo, and prepare the application for submission to the Illinois State Police.

How long does it take before my FOID card is issued?

Depending on the backlog, FOID cards are generally issued within 30 days of the application being filed. Your FOID card will be mailed to your directly from the Illinois State Police!

Due to the high volume of new applicants, the process is taking up to 3 months in some cases


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FOID Card Eligibility
Must be 21 or older or have written parental/legal guardian consent.
Must not have been convicted of a felony.
Must be an Illinois resident.
Must provide Illinois Driver's License # or State ID #.

*For additional details about FOID Card Eligibility, please check the FAQ!